10 Best Apple Recipes for Fall

From mouthwatering apple pies to warm cider-infused cake and apple butter muffins, here are some of the most delicious apple recipes to bake this season.

French apple  crumb cake

The texture of French Apple Crumb Cake is a delicious cross between apple pie and tart tatin. And the crumb topping is soft, buttery, and as thick as the cake itself.

Apple cider cake with apple cider buttercream

This 3-layer Apple Cider Cake is bursting with the sweet-tart flavor of crisp apples.

Salted caramel  apple pie

From the flaky bottom crust to the saucy caramel apple filling and buttery crumb topping, this pie is impressive and indulgent.

Apple fritters with maple glaze

They are made from soft yeast-raised dough, flavored with a hint of nutmeg and orange, filled with buttery cinnamon-coated apples, and covered in a crackly maple glaze.

Apple butter and pastry cream hand pies

These buttery little hand pies are filled with almond pastry cream and apple butter. They are flaky, creamy, & packed with warm apple flavor.

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